Friday, November 2, 2012

Texas Round Up! Burn in 12 minutes

Ready to earn some more entries to win a 1 YEAR Bad Lass membership? Here is your work out for today. It is what I call "Texas Round Up" In this video you have 12 min. to complete as many rounds possible consisting of:

10 Squat Press
10 Lunge Hops (10 each leg)
10 Snow Angels with a Squat
10 Single Leg Burpees (5 each leg or 10 together)
10 Sit Ups

All you will need for this work out is a set of 5 - 12 pound weights. 

Can you beat The Bertinator's almost 5 rounds??;) Plus stay tuned for a funny factoid about this video.

"Texas Round Up" Workout Video by the BERTINATOR from Justin G on Vimeo.

Quick funny tidbit about this video. If you watched the whole thing, you saw me say that we were done with the 12 minutes. BEFORE the 12 minutes was actually up.  This is the ONLY video that had to be edited due to me (The Bertinator) believing that my time keeper had fallen asleep, while keeping my time- because there is NO Way that I was getting that wiped out in just 12 minutes!;) So, we had to stop and check, she had not fallen asleep -  and she held her hand up for the 1 min. mark when I thought she was signifying we had reached 12 minutes. That is where you here me say 12 minutes the first time and then start laughing out of muscle/cardio exhaustion/PURE embarrassment/you get it, right?! Then I started back up to finish out that minute strong! And THAT is The Bertinator spirit for you. I am 100% real, 100% what you see is what you get:) and I am determined to make it worth your while.

Thank you so much for joining me, and please leave me a comment to let me know what more you would like to see from my blog. I'm here for YOU!

And don't forget if you are playing for entries, join me over at The Bertinator facebook page and let me know! Like after you do the work out = 1 entry, take a pic of you doing the work out = 3 entries, and take video of you doing the workout = 5 entries and share for 1 more:)

Until next time, "Get in, Burn it up, and Get out!" - The Bertinator Way

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