Saturday, November 3, 2012

Time to eat HEALTHY!

Sometimes life is so scheduled and so hectic that it is so nice when the weekend comes around and we can just let it ALL go. Right?! Well, MOST of it anyway.  (Emphasis on ALL the "so's")

It is great to sleep in a little bit, and not have to be rushing here and there and up and down and to the right and then to the left (if you know what I mean) But what isn't always great- is that we let our eating slide too! Say what?! You mean the weekend isn't a FREE for all? (Actually it is, if you want your whole week to backfire on you.) But you really don't want that. So here is my daily 1,000 Facebook Fan challenge for you today.


    I challenge you to eat 3 clean meals TODAY! Which could mean HUGE bonus points for you. Each meal will count as 1 entry. However, just liking my status this time on facebook isn't going to cut it. For 1 entry/meal you have to tell me what you had. For 3 extra entries, take a picture of what you had and post it to my wall, for 5 extra entries take a video and tell me how clean eating makes you feel. 

If you do not have a facebook and would REALLY like to contribute and earn entries to win a 1 year Bad Lass membership then please e-mail me at bertie.fitbody (at) gmail (.) com and I will post your pics or video to my wall, and you can leave a comment below letting me know what clean meals you had today. 

Eating mostly clean on the weekends means you getting closer to your goals by the day! No more set backs. I know you have it in you to do this. So, show me what you are made of;)

PS - It's the flippin weekend, baby!!!

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