Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Burn It Up" - 21 Day Challenge!!!

“Begin with the end in mind.” - Steven Covey

Are you tired of starting something, and not finishing? Are you tired of not seeing the results you had hoped for? Is it time for a change?

Today is your lucky day! The Bertinator's "BURN IT UP" 21 Day Challenge begins March 10th. 
If you are ready to finally stop with the yo - yo dieting, and the working out here and there. If you are truly READY to commit to change, then this challenge is for you! It is time to stop stressing about your summer body, that upcoming reunion or family wedding. It is time to create your forever body! 

How does true change come about? By taking one day at a time, by changing one habit at a time. 

Habit focus for this challenge: Workout everyday.

What does the 21 Day "BURN IT UP" Challenge consist of?
Everyday I will post a new workout to my website, I will also post a daily yummy recipe, along with my daily fit tip and motivational quote. The goal is to workout 21 days in a row, try as many new recipes as you can, and follow my fit tip for the day. Prizes for just sticking to the challenge as closely as you can. 

Worried about not being able to keep up with the workouts?
DON'T, because you can. My workouts are tailored to all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced. Each exercise has a Bertinator Breakdown video attached to it. In each video, I demonstrate the exercise along with a modification and a modification of the modification, better known as a "modi-modi".  I make sure to cut out all of your excuses. Whether you are 82 or 16, have previous injuries, bad knees, a bad back, arthritis, tennis elbow, etc...  this challenge can be done by you! Start with just 5 min. a day if you have to. Remember the goal for the next 21 Days is to workout every day. Do what you can, when you can. Getting 5 minutes in, is definitely better then choosing to skip your workout all together. 

What are the prizes that will help keep me going? 

GRAND PRIZE: An ENTIRE year of Fitness Forward Boxes delivered to your doorstep every month. (a $420 value)

Every week 1 Fitness Forward box will be given away.  (a $35 value)

What is a Fitness Forward box? 

The Fitness Forward box was inspired by my love and passion for fitness, along with wanting to bring a sample of the best products, Bertinator approved, to your front door. This way, instead of getting overwhelmed with all the fitness industry has to offer, you can try it before you buy it, so to speak. For more information and to see what is being said about the Fitness Forward box, go here. 

How can I earn entries to win?

There are a few ways to gain entries to win. 
  • Every time you complete a workout, leave me a comment on the blog, or on my daily"Bad Lass Roll Call" post on facebook or twitter letting me know your time, how many rounds you did, etc.....  = 1 entry
  • Share the workout via facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.... = 1 entry
  • Take a picture of yourself after the workout, tag The Bertinator in it or post it on The Bertinator's wall on Facebook. If you do twitter or instagram- please use the hashtags #bertinatorfit and #burnitup and  then tag @thebertinator = 3 entries
  • Purchase a Fitness Forward Box subscription (1, 3, 6 or 12 months) = 100 entries (if you win the Grand prize, then you will be refunded your subscription purchase, if you win one of the weekly prizes, your box will be added on at the end of your subscription)
Who is ready to take on The Bertinator's 21 Day "Burn it Up" challenge?? It is time to truly create change, by changing one habit at a time. 

Ps - Tomorrow I will post my top 5 tips on how to set yourself up to succeed in my 21 Day Challenge!

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  1. I want to lose weight! I wanna try this for the first time.


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