Saturday, April 6, 2013

WHY The 66 Day Challenge? NEW and IMPROVED

 The time is finally here, and I am very excited to announce the launch of my NEW andIMPROVED 66 Day Challenge!  

Why did you choose the number 66?

Studies show that 21 days can make or break a habit. But to be second nature - THAT takes 66 days. We don't want to THINK about exercising; we want to wake up and do it, automatically.  Like brushing our teeth, or putting on our seatbelt. We don't want to THINK about eating 4+ cups of veggies a day. We just want it to be part of our daily diet, and feel like something is off balance if it goes missing.

For fun, I looked up the meaning of the number 66. As luck would have it, 66 is a lucky number, the double of 33. 33 is synonymous with prosperity and success. 66 is its double and means destruction, so VOILA! We are going to build new, successful habits as we DESTROY our old ones - all in just 66 days! That isn't even 1/4 of the year. After 66 days, the new habits will be so ingrained in our daily routine, we won't have to fight ourselves to eat clean, and our excuses to exercise will disappear. LIFE will be so much easier! Who doesn't want that? I want that for you!

Why so much?
When we don't invest in our health and wellness, we don't change. I have done challenges for less money. I have given personal training sessions, boot camp, etc. away for FREE. More often than not, they never showed up, or stopped within a week. I realized that those who truly committed themselves to change were those who invested in it. If we get something free, chances are we aren't going to appreciate it as much as when we work for it, earn it. When we invest in ourselves, when we feel like we are worth the cost of our health and wellness, we bring it, and we see the results we have always wanted in the creation of lifelong habits. I am here to get you there! Put your money in this challenge with a TEAM... and we all WILL see the change.

Why team vs. individual winners?
As I created the 66 Day Challenge, and looked at your awesome feedback- one question remained: "How can I do everything in my power, to ensure Challenger success?"  Over years of training clients, doing challenges, holding boot camps - I have found that those who stick with the program the longest are those that joined with a friend, an accountability partner. If we know, at the end of the day, we will get a call from a friend asking if we worked out, we either dread that call, or we ensure the workout, eat our veggies, etc.. to give our friend good news. No one likes to let themselves down. Disappointing others is even more painful, therefore we push harder to NOT let others down. Teams win together or lose together. In the 66 Day Challenge- we do BOTH! Our motto is "Together we LOSE to WIN!" And for motivation, we have lowered the price for each person added. Teams cap out at 4, because we need to hold everyone accountable. If teams get too big, people lose focus or feel left out. This is about maximum return on investment in YOU and your team. Get a group of your besties together, and sweat it out!

Why are you donating 10% of profits to Muscular Dystrophy?
I believe in purpose.

I believe that until we are in someone else's shoes, we have no idea what they are really going through. We can try to imagine, but it is impossible to REALLY know.
I know when we work with purpose, we work harder, our heart is in the right place, we do it for the right reasons, and we appreciate life more, no matter our circumstances.

I love my body. I love watching my muscles work as I workout. I love running in the wind. I love doing burpees. I love getting completely drenched in sweat, because I chose to move my body.

Why? Because I can!!!

I push myself harder when I think about all the people who don't have the same ability to workout.

Muscular Dystrophy has always held a special place in my heart. I love muscles. Some call me obsessed. I just find it fascinating how we can grow them, work them, shape them, and what our bodies are capable of BECAUSE we have muscles! Every move we make uses muscle. EVERYmove. Unfortunately, those with muscular dystrophy are born with it. It is a genetic disease. They may be able to experience the joy of physicality and using their body in the beginning, depending on the nature and severity of it. But slowly their muscles deteriorate, and everything we take for granted - walking, running, sitting up, getting up and down off the floor, jumping, etc... they can't do anymore. This challenge will focus the purpose of our workouts, not on dropping a pants size, not on losing 10 pounds before summer is here, but for those who can't.

We will enjoy every move, focus on what our body does for us, and how amazing it is.  Imagine not being able to do any of those things.  Do it for those who want nothing more than to run, jump and play.  For children who can't play with other children freely, or for parents who can't enjoy the physical aspects of parenthood, of living a vibrant physical life. When we workout with a purpose, I guarantee we will not only feel better, love our workouts, and appreciate our body, but we will also see the results we desire. This challenge is PURPOSE driven.

I cannot tell you how incredibly excited I am to see all that happens in the NEXT 66 Days! It is time to form lasting change with permanent new habits.

For more info. on the challenge click, here.

For a chance to WIN a Team of 4 registration, all you have to do is, share this on facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.. and say "Who wants to LOSE to WIN The Bertinator's 66 Day Challenge?" For another added entry, head on over to my facebook page here, and share the picture of the 66 Day Challenge on your Facebook page.

The winner will be drawn April 10, 2013, 6 PM, CST. The Challenge will officially begin on April 15th!

Good luck and I am excited to take this journey with you!

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