Tuesday, June 25, 2013

21 Day SELF LOVE Picture Challenge

(Begins July 1st)

Do you love who you are? Are you self-confident? Do others bring you down easily? 

While it's easy to ask these rhetorical questions, they are actually self-defeating and irrelevant.  

We all have self doubt. Others get in the way of believing in our own vision.  I struggle with this. I have strong days when nothing gets in my way. There are other days when one person can say one thing, and it sends me reeling.

Everyone is quick to share the good, but not the bad. I am guilty of this too! Who likes the person that says, "I'll never get there". I keep it to myself and it passes. We all have our moments!

In that spirit, this 21 Day Challenge is for us! Wouldn't we treat ourselves better if we truly loved ourselves? If we truly thought we were worth our own time? Why do we choose instead to run ourselves ragged to be amazing and do everything?!

Instead of working only on our outward self, we need to work on our minds. We need to truly love who we are, where we are right now. I don't care if you are perfect, if you have 5 pounds or 100 pounds to lose. You need to love who you are. Jack London once said, "You can't wait for inspiration; you have to go after it with a club."  That may be proverbial, but I would like OUR club to be YOUR CLUB of inspiration -- play on words intended ;).

When you love you, goals are worth it. We enjoy and merit the journey, and yet we are our own worst critic. We need to stop and celebrate who we are now, how far we've come, and where we're going. Our experiences, our relationships, our passions all help shape who we are, and who we become.

I believe in you, others believe in you, and now is the time for YOU to believe in you with this month's 21 Day Self Love Picture Challenge! 

Here's how it works:

1. Take pictures. Each day, post a picture according to the schedule below in our private, closed group. Please hashtag it #selflovechallenge, as well as tagging all the sponsors in your picture. You are more than welcome to post your picture for all to see on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In fact, I encourage it.

On your self love journey, the more you step out of your comfort zone, the more you will grow, and truly change into loving who you are. You can also share your journey and encourage others who might not be ready to take on the challenge. Whether you know it or not, someone is watching you, someone is looking up to you. Your actions matter. You may just bring them into the light of their own self worth. 

2. Exercise. You are worth it. Working out gives you endorphins. Walk around the block. Bike to work. Lift weights. Jog with a pet or a loved one. Do an activity that makes you giddy. I will send a workout each day, just in case you're at a loss for a peppy boost ;).

3. Eat healthy. Our body is literally what we choose to eat. Have you ever felt beautiful after eating a huge Thanksgiving feast? I feel like a beached whale and start digging for mom jeans! On the flip side, when I eat healthy and exercise early, I can do it all and am far more productive.

4. Be productive - it feels good. And I don't mean "stay busy". Busy work is for the bees. I write 3 "to-do's" and get them done. JUST 3! If I can tackle more, I add them.

5. Sleep. Everyone is different, so use trial and error. I do best on 6-7 hours, and give myself an 'opt-in' for a nap as needed. Any more or less, and I'm Oscar the Grouch! Your body has a self-regulating power plant and it runs on just two forms of energy: time (rest and work in specific intervals) and fuel (a clean diet). 

6. Chant. Have a self love mantra. You can make up your own, or find one on the internet. Say it aloud each morning. Cheesy?! YES!  What is life without a little goofiness? It works! When we say things aloud, we are more likely to believe it. Power pose in the mirror and hail a cab to awesome-town, shouting: "I'm goin' to awesome town today and ain't nobody gonna get in MY way cuz guuurrrl... You FIIIIIIIINE!"

 Here is an example:

7. Be girly. Some days (ok- most days) you will find me in my workout clothes ALL day. Don't get me wrong, I love my work out clothes. But sometimes, all I need to do to feel a little prettier is put actual clothes on, and a little make up. Accenting the little things can make me feel more girly. With my busy schedule, it seems I'm last on the list, when I should be priority one. When I feel good about myself, I do everything exponentially better. 

8. Be kind. To everyone! Nothing shows more self love and confidence than when you are nice to everyone. That's right, SMILE/LAUGH and the world smiles and laughs with you. Have you noticed that others absolutely light up when someone/you actually start them off with a big grin and work them all the way up to an overly enthusiastic "HIIIIIIII there!! Have a lovely day!" It's pretty much the awesomest thing ever, and your whole family will notice the difference and come around to being nice too. Even if you did just (wreck their car/fart in their room/spill red things all over their stuff).

For the next 21 Days, I challenge you to do each of these 8 things for yourself. Take time out for you, learn to love and accept who you are. Believe in yourself. You are worth it. 

Not only will you gain self love, but you will also have the chance to win 1 of 5 shwag bags full of goodies from our sponsors! Along with a chance to win a 4 PERSON TEAM entry into my next 66 Day Challenge. One lucky winner will win a SINGLE ENTRY into my BRAND New BEGINNERS 66 Day Challenge. 

How can you get entries to win?? 

1. For each picture you take and post into the Facebook group, you will get an entry. The pictures will help you get out of your comfort zone and visualize what you love about yourself. 

2. Do any one of the other 7 things listed, and you will get an extra entry. Max entries - 2 per day! 

Stay tuned to get to know our sponsors!

I am so excited to take this journey with you! I will be posting my pictures daily too. We are in this together. I believe that every girl should believe in who they are, and know that they are amazing! There are too many outside factors that can lead us to believe otherwise. It is time to bring self love back around! Get your friends to join in the fun, and add them to the group. 

Here's to the next 21 Days!! 

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  1. Fun idea. I love the working on my whole self thing.


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