Monday, May 27, 2013

The Two Minute Challenge

Hey Bad Lasses!

   I have just one question for you today. 


I am excited to bring to you the TWO Minute Challenge! That's right. I am asking you to just give yourself, 2 minutes out of your day, to challenge yourself for change. I have done some daily Bad Lass challenges online here and there. But this challenge is different. What is different about it?? 

This time we will be doing each challenge together, broadcast LIVE on YouTube! 

All you need to do is subscribe to my YouTube channel at:

Starting Tuesday, May 28th - May 31st, I will be broadcasting LIVE on on YouTube via Google +. If you would like to add me on Google + for more LIVE upcoming events please add me to your circles on Google +, here.  

 The broadcast will start LIVE at 8 PM CST. You will need to be on my YouTube channel so you can do it right along with me. If you can't make it, it will be recorded for later viewing. This way you have no excuses not to get your 2 minutes in. You can do it anywhere, with anyone, wearing whatever you like. It is just 2 minutes!! You can even have your kids in the room. In fact, you burn MORE calories, if your children are running around you, trying to jump on you, etc... WHILE you are working out. Trust me! I know!;) It is like professional dodge ball, except the ball has arms and legs, and crazy mad energy. Which basically means, you have NO excuses.

  Since we are in this together, I want you to commit, for the next 4 days, to give yourself a 2 minute time out each day to join The Challenge! Commit to giving everything you have in those 2 minutes. 

You can do anything for 2 minutes! I believe in you! 

If I can do it, YOU can do it. 

It is time to "Get in, Burn it Up, and Get Out!" - The Bad Lass Way

Are you up for the challenge?

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