Tuesday, November 13, 2012

House Bound Burpees

There is nothing like being snowed in, hurricaned in, kids are sick in, I just had a baby in, house arrest, etc... YOU NAME IT! Sometimes we can't get out of the house, and that is no excuse NOT to get a great, quick work out in.

I present to you- The Bertinator's House Bound Burpees! It is usually called "Jail House" Burpees, because this work out is easily done in a jail cell. However, I'm guessing my audience isn't in that situation (ok, maybe a few), so I decided to name the work out something you can relate to . Plus, winter is here, so there are bound to be some days where you are just stuck inside.

BURPEE: Start in a standing position, crouch down to the floor, place your hands flat on the floor, hop  or walk your legs back, girl or boy push up, hop or walk your feet back in, and jump to the sky. 

I challenge you to get this work out in TODAY! Set a timer and go! How fast was your time??
This game is "Who can Beat The Bertinator!" My time was 6 minutes 55 seconds. I want you to push yourself to BEAT my time. You can do it. If you feel like you need more- take it to a whole new level, and go back up the pyramid until you reach 10 again.

Leave your time in the comments below, or on my facebook page, here. Earn those bragging rights;)

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