Thursday, November 15, 2012

My one year TWITTERVERSARY With Kelly Ripa!

This may be a debatable call on whether or not I'm obsessed with Kelly Ripa. Either way- I'M CELEBRATING!!

Some of you may remember LAST year- on this exact day... Nov. 15th- I tweeted Kelly Ripa about her favorite work out. For those of you who have blocked it out of your head due to jealousy of my friendship with Kelly, or just because your muscles still hurt- here is a reminder. ;)

I tweeted Kelly asking her a VERY serious question.

She then sent me a direct message, letting me know how she has been workin' it lately. 

I was SO excited- that I decided to create the "Ripa Challenge" which consisted of 100 pushups and 200 jumping jacks. I then tortured my boot campers with it, the next morning. They KILLED it, and asked me how I knew Kelly Ripa. That was may favorite part- to think, they thought I actually KNEW her.  (if only twitter was real life;)) Dreams do come true right?! (Baby steps.)

I tweeted the picture to Kelly, and she then retweeted it- which means we have a TOTAL connection. We are twitter BFF's. 

In celebration of our twitterversary, I have decided to share the Ripa Challenge with the WORLD! This time I have uploaded a video of The Bertinator (me) completing the challenge. 

THE BERTINATOR | Kelly Ripa Challenge from Justin G on Vimeo.

My challenge to YOU is to do it, and see if you can beat my 6 min. 30 seconds. 

My challenge to my twitter BFF aka Kelly Ripa is to do the challenge with Michael Strahan and BEAT him.:) 

If you did the Ripa Challenge let Kelly know by either tweeting it to @kellyripa or posting on her facebook wall here. Remember- it is HER fault you are going to be sore tomorrow, not mine. So, no hatin' ;) She was the one that inspired this. 

Disclosure: I do not know Kelly Ripa personally... yet. But I still have a long life to live- so you NEVER know. (hint...hint)

As always Burn it UP!

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