Sunday, November 18, 2012

UPDATE: Week 1 with Isagenix

BERTINATOR FACT: I'm a girl who sees what I want, and I want it NOW! 

If I go into a store, see a shirt that I love, I get it. Some people can spend HOURS in a store and look for a GREAT deal-- that is just not me. I choose something, and I stick with it til' I get it. Same thing goes with any kind of supplement. I have tried TONS of different supplements, shakes, cleanses, etc... and if I don't see results I'm happy with - in 1 week, then I'm less likely to be excited about it and keep it in my daily regimen. That is why I'm SO excited about this post!! As many of you know, I am giving Isagenix a trial run. I do this with ALL supplements companies that I have been asked to promote/endorse their products before I recommend it. If it doesn't work for me, then I sure as heck am not going to sell it to my clients!

 If you have been following along, you know that I started my Isagenix journey last Monday, 11-12-1012. If you are just now joining me in my journey, please read my "story" here. Today marks my 7th day on Isagenix. I started to notice results physical and otherwise pretty quickly. Here are the benefits I have seen in just this first week with using Isagenix daily.

  • Increased energy to help me get through my days which can last anywhere from 4:45 AM til 10 PM or later
  • Sleeping more deeply at night, and waking up more refreshed
  • Clarity of mind (SO important when life is constantly throwing curve balls at you)
  • Feeling better physically
  • Appetite satiated longer
  • My skin looks and feels better
  • And as an added bonus: 4 pounds gone, 1 inch off my waist, and 1/2 inch off my hips

It has been a GREAT first week, to say the least. And the best part is- I am still able to eat real food. It isn't just a "shake" diet. And when I say real food, I mean WHOLESOME, REAL, HEALTHY, food. Not a bunch of junk;) However, I did let a piece of cheesecake slide on Wed. And it wasn't a whole piece, it was a few bites. I have learned that I don't go wrong with a couple bites here and there. I go wrong, when one day turns into 2, 2 turns into 3, 3 days turn into a WHOLE month- and before you know it you are wondering what the heck happened!! (haven't we all been there??:))

After just 7 days, I'm definitely looking forward to these next few weeks, and to see what progress I can make in 30 days with Isagenix. I love little challenges like these, because I know without a doubt, that if I can do this-- YOU can do this!  

Thank you again SO much for letting me share my journey with you! It wouldn't nearly be amazing if I didn't have all of you and your amazing support.  :) 

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  1. Thats pretty fun. I love finding things that work for my lifestyle.


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