Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You against ???

Working out and exercising, and creating new routines is my passion! 

One thing I love about working out, is that you can measure EVERYDAY how much more fit you are getting. Sometimes, it can take a few weeks for you to see results physically. But when it comes to working out, and measuring your fitness level, you can see results right away! 

There is something so exciting about going from doing 0 boy push-ups to cranking out 10!! The best part is, YOU earned it! You can only earn this by working for it!! 

There are so many "cheats" in life. Sometimes the most deserving participant doesn't win. Jobs these days are mainly based on connections, and right place right time. Anyone can get plastic surgery to look better, and the list goes on and on. But your fitness level?! You can't fake that! You can't fake how hard you work in the gym. When you give 110% every time during your workout- it is inevitable that your fitness level will improve! 

That is why I love working out. It isn't about how much the person next to me can do, it is about how much I can do, and how much I'm gonna be able to do NEXT week. I get to work on me- and improve ME! One burpee at a time;)

So, this week, give me ALL you have got, and then the next day, do a little better! Everyday, get a little better. That's what life is about! 


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