Friday, April 12, 2013

Are you ready for CHANGE?!

"Endless conversation about CHANGE is the barrier. Actually committing to doing something and then acting is what is required." - David Jakes

How many times do we go to bed with resolve to start working out the next day? How many times do we tell ourselves, " I am NEVER eating bad again!", after an over sized, unhealthy meal? More importantly, why do we keep doing this to ourselves, over and over? We all fall prey to this. No one is exempt, except for those that CHOOSE to make a change.

Is it possible for us to change on our own? Of course! Anything is possible. But why do it all on our own?

Let me ask you this. Have you ever been in a race?

When you train for a race, you train alone or with a friend. As your training continues, and race day gets closer, you may start to wonder if your training is going to be worth it, some mornings are tougher to get up and get moving than others, etc...

However, all those doubts, all those questions cease to exist the moment you arrive at the race. When you see thousands of other racers, and you are all lined up and ready to go- the energy is amazing! It is an experience that you wish you had everyday. When you have thousands of people who have the same goal in mind as you, who know exactly how you feel because they have trained just like you - it makes it ALL worth it. This is the time we all push each other to that finish line. This is where when you feel too weak to finish, your teammates, your friends, look you in the eyes and say, "I don't think so! You did not just come this far, work as hard as you did, NOT to cross the finish line."

This is where TRUE change comes. When we know that someone has got our back. When we know that someone may need a little more encouragement and we give it.

Change happens one step at a time. Often times we move 2 steps forward and 1 step back. When we focus on the positive, when we take an extra step forward here and there when we can. That is where change comes in.

You have to want it. You have to be ready and willing to do what it takes. A marathon runner doesn't just get up one morning and say, "I'm going to run 26.2 miles today!" Well, a smart marathon runner doesn't do that. It takes slowly working up your mileage. Getting your body adapted to running. 1 mile turns into 2, 2 to 4, so on and so forth! Before you know it, you have the ability to run a marathon. Is a marathon still hard to do, even when running is second nature to you? Heck yeah! But pushing past that threshold, is when you know CHANGE has happened.

If you are ready for a change, I encourage you to grab a group of friends, who have the same goals in mind, as you do. Make a plan, hold each other accountable, and more importantly, just get started!

Stop saying, "Tomorrow I'm going to start working out" - "Tomorrow, I will start fueling my body right!", and start DOING!

Then, every night you go to bed, revel in the fact, that you are one day closer to your goal.

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  1. I love this post! So motivational and inspiring. I like the team idea of the 66 Day Challenge because we have the same goal and encourage each other.


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